BatchFlow4 is for the smaller AND MEDIUM-SIZED companY that wants a quick start.

BatchFlow4 is a simple and cloud-based solution for electronic invoicing and document management.

With BatchFlow4, you are ensured a rapid implementation and automatic backup – while you avoid the difficulty by maintaining the servers and investing in hardware.
Your solution is implemented and handled by experienced and competent technicians, so you can focus on your primary tasks.


With pay-per-use, you are ensured not paying for more than you use. We offer integration of several financial systems. Invoicing information and details are automatically lifted, which eliminates the need for manual entry.

BatchFlow4 is a solution, which is regularly maintained and updated – at no extra cost.

BatchFlow4 is also available in an on-premise version, if the solution is wished to be installed on your own servers.


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Efficiency-improvement and overview

Better workflow

(no manual filing or entry)

All invoices are gathered in one central and digitally archive

Approval of invoices

– anytime, anywhere

Regulation for invoice flow

Retrieval of and link to invoices via the financial system

Logging of events


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Selective accounting

definition of account summary and dimensions based on the user


automatically assign an invoice an approval flow and accounting

Free text search

search for a specific text or for one or more fields

Access Security

users only have access to the relevant documents

Approval dependence

setting up rules for approval

Account dependence

link between accounts and dimensions

Substitute Function

approve for another user, who – for example – is on vacation

Forward flow

send flow to another user

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