Do you need an overview of your contracts?
No more throwing contracts away, or being in a situation where the contract can not be found.
All contracts are stored as PDF in a central and digital archive. This means that you always have all your contracts at hand.

BatchContract offers good sorting and search options, so you can always find the contract you are looking for. Information from the contract is in one place, which quickly provides an overview so that you do not have to flick through the pages of the contract to find specific details.

Tired of missing deadlines?
Never miss the expiration, termination, and renegotiation deadlines for contracts. With BatchContract you can set alarms on contracts, so you receive a message in your program or via e-mail when an important date is approaching. This will help ensure that a contract does not expire without you knowing about it.

You can easily get an overview of when the contracts expire, and when the contracts should be renegotiated.

Integration with BatchFlow4
BatchContract is integrated, so you can access the database via BatchFlow4. There is no need to install a new program in order to get access to the archive.

A long story short

  • Digitalization of contracts
  • All contracts in one place
  • Overview of contract information
  • Easy and quick retrieval of contracts
  • You will not miss deadlines for expiration, termination, and renegotiation

If you are interested in learning more about BatchContract, please contact our sales department.
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