Til vores eksisterende Batchflow løsninger, tilbyder vi en række moduler som øger funktionaliteten.


E-invoice should be your primary invoice data source.

Online lookup in public and international databases with the possibility to check if the supplier can send in e-invoice format, such as OIOubl, Peppol, or EDIfact standard.

e-invoice filter with firewall with e-invoice filter ensures that you only receive the data you want and correctly filled out.

You can choose different stylesheets and have them modified for your own use.

You need to have an EAN/GLN location number to advertise this service to your suppliers.


AI Scan and OCR

The world's most accurate and scalable document processing platform

AI Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). 99.8% Accuracy guaranteed! If you have cryptic invoices, especially with item lines, a validation function can be offered with a validation team continuously ensuring that the data is correct.

Manage your expenses and take charge of your spending. Identify any irregularities in your company's expenses to streamline your costs effectively. Virtually all cards are integrable, and Batchflow even identifies your receipts from the image and bank.

Mileage Tracking
Easy and comprehensive for employees, all in one place, and receipts are seamlessly sent alongside expenses and invoices within the company's organization via Batchflow.

This means your employees are spared the hassle of mileage tracking and yet another app on their mobile phones or computers.

The system is based on the documentation requirements specified by the tax authorities, utilizing Google Maps.


Windows client version
For use by power users and the accounting department

Web version
Approvers, accountants, travel expenses, mileage

Automatically scales to computer, tablet, and phone.
Can be used for setting Out of Office, accounting, notes, attachments, forwarding, and lookup in the user's own approved invoices, among other things.

Mini invoice BI solution and overview showing your production and invoice production key figures, support overview, contract plan, etc.

Can be extended to PowerBI solution.

Invoice types

  • Expense invoice
  • Item invoice with item lines
  • Expense receipts
  • Mileage
  • Payment service

Batchflow automation and document dispatcher
Automatic flow via creditor templates, reference on invoice, project manager, or similar.

Split invoice
All invoices containing an account or card number, e.g., credit card, or telephone bill.

Split ensures automatic transmission of all data directly to employees and full details to the accounting department.

Receipt matching
If you receive periodic settlements for your company cards, receipts will be automatically matched to the purchases on the settlement. This way, you ensure an easy overview of which employees need to register their receipts.

e-invoice XML online register
All suppliers are checked online and maintained by which creditors can send via EAN number in OIO format.

Get notified in BatchFlow if a creditor can send in OIO, where you receive in PDF and automatic generation of email to supplier for notification of desired change to OIO.

Selective accounting
Limitation of account overview and dimensions based on groups.

Out of Office and deputy function
Automatic forwarding of invoices to one or more users when a user is on vacation, for example.

2-factor login
SMS verification of user at login in BatchFlow.

AD login
Verification of the user's Active Directory user at login in BatchFlow. User information and passwords are managed outside of BatchFlow and validated by the customer's own AD.

Access security
Group-based rights ensure that users only have access to relevant documents and functions.

CVR and company management
Management of multiple companies in BatchFlow with the possibility of different integrations, dimensions, rights, and users per company.
Access to the companies can be managed at the user level with unique rights per company.

Supplier templates
Automatically assign an invoice approval flow and accounting at the creditor level.

Search for specific text or values ​​in main and accounting fields.

Validation rules and approval dependencies
Setting up validation rules at the start of approval, approval, and export to ERP.
For example, mandatory completion of project/department in accounting upon approval or minimum 2 approvals.

Account dependency
Relationship between main fields, accounts, and dimensions.
Limit the list of accounting values ​​based on other accounting values ​​or main fields.

Automatic selection of dimension values ​​- e.g., automatic application of VAT code when selecting an account. 

Flow forwarding
Forward invoice to another user either with approval on behalf of the user or with return receipt after approval.

Item line and item match support
Depending on the process, several variants can be configured. Ask for a review.

Travel expense

Keep track of your expenses and purchases on company cards. Take a picture of your receipt and register necessary information such as department, project, etc., and purchases are automatically sent for approval.

If you have one of our supported payroll systems, the employee can be reimbursed for expenses via their salary.

Mileage management
Keep track of employees' mileage so they can receive the necessary mileage reimbursement. It's quick to plan your trips via Google Maps, register necessary information such as department, project, etc., collect multiple trips in one settlement, and they are automatically sent for approval to the responsible party.
Automatically assign an invoice approval flow and accounting at the creditor level.
Audit trail
All actions are recorded on each invoice, so you always have control and knowledge of who did what and when.
Accounting templates
Save time by creating templates for your most used accountings on creditors, and add them the next time an invoice comes in. Instead of spending time adding the same lines over and over again, you can spend the time on something more important.
Optimize scanning
Corporate governance

OCR text searchable
All data on documents and database fields are searchable, and all incoming new invoices are scanned and interpreted, so you have a quick search function for, for example, a serial number or other data that you need to find or verify.

Business intelligence
Used for follow-up, overview, and management. Real-time data, and you can analyze ERP data combined with invoices or other business systems. Ask for a more detailed review.