The 4 steps that can digitize and automate your invoice flow

The latest edition of the European Commission's measurement of digitization in the EU shows that Denmark takes first place when it comes to digitization, ahead of Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

But even though the figures show that we are the best in the EU, we at FutureLink Solutions feel that there is still great digitization potential in Danish companies.

The idea of ​​this guide is to give you inspiration for how you can get started with digitizing your invoice flow or optimizing your current digitization setup.

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How conscious are you of having specific functions tailored to your IT systems versus waiting for the functions to become part of the standard solution?

Hvor bevidst er du om at få skræddersyet specifikke funktioner i dine it-systemer kontra at vente på at funktionerne bliver en del af standard løsningen?
It goes without saying that it costs extra money if you want to have special types of functionality incorporated into, for example, your ERP system or a system for managing your supplier invoices and credit card costs.

In return, you get the extra functionality introduced more quickly, and in a form that is characterized by what exactly you want. By doing so, you are also likely to reap optimization gains and improve efficiency faster.

Either way, this approach gives you a more nuanced basis from which to make a decision.