INVITA has delivered over 500,000 personalized kitchens for more than 50 years. INVITA's 21 stores are part of the Swedish publicly traded group Nobia as franchise stores, which owns 15 other European kitchen brands.

The intercompany solution involving many stakeholders ensures greater operational reliability and transparency in case processing.

"The automatic accounting and sending in the approval flow as well as the handling of our electronic intercompany invoices provide great value in the stores' daily life," answers Camilla Baggersgaard, who is responsible for finance at Invita Århus, when asked about the use of Batchflow.

Camilla Baggersgaard, the financial manager at Invita Aarhus, emphasizes the value of automatic accounting and sending in the approval workflow, as well as handling electronic intercompany invoices, in the daily operations of the stores. She suggests that if there's anything that could make daily tasks easier, it's better to inquire more than once. Futurelink is excellent at finding solutions for customers.

The coordination between the 21 independent Invita stores and the parent company Nobia is managed by Ilona Liepina, Senior Project Manager dedicated to the project. Standardized setup and better integrations are crucial for achieving greater operational reliability and transparency in case processing. Stores benefit from simplified daily operations with automated and documented processes, as well as fewer manual accounting routines.

Ilona highlights the excellent, friendly, and accommodating collaboration with Futurelink, attributing the project's success to the stores' dedicated enthusiasts. Simplification of the IT landscape and future-proofing through ongoing updates enable easier knowledge sharing, experience exchange, and development opportunities.

The project, backed by an already approved proof of concept and mutual support between stores, is handled by Christian Birkmann and the DataComfort team, who have provided a brand-new Uniconta ERP platform for the Invita chain. It's emphasized that not all companies are the same and must be tailored to suppliers. Futurelink's engine is stronger, and their business understanding is unique.

Christian Birkmann emphasizes that the product allows customers to grow and automate, saving more as they do more. He elaborates that if a customer receives a PDF invoice that could have been sent in OIOUBL format, there's a feature that indicates which suppliers could use OIOUBL, which is safer and cheaper. This should be something everyone does.

BabyDan develops, manufactures, and sells safety equipment for infants aged 0-3. The 110 employees are located in both Denmark and England. Founded in 1947, BabyDan is an international company, with 90% of its production sold abroad.

"We have experienced a tremendous uplift because we have Futurelink Solutions ApS as a partner.

A perfect match between SAP B1 and Batchflow from Futurelink."

This is how Chief Financial Officer Kasper Berglund describes the collaboration with Futurelink in delivering and implementing Batchflow integrated with SAP Business One, emphasizing that the solution is intuitive, simple, and easy, while the customer experience is top-notch.

The collaboration has evolved from invoice handling to purchase order matching and most recently, PDF scanning of BabyDan's customers' purchase orders for automatic creation of sales orders in SAP

"A fantastic collaboration," as Kasper describes it. He elaborates that throughout the project, the proximity and accessibility of both development, business consultants, and sales have contributed to a transparent and invaluable partnership. Transparency about product roadmaps, possible workarounds, or new functionalities are discussed and prioritized with an understanding of the challenges—and feedback happens instantly!

Kasper shares these valuable tips for other clients:

When you're in a project, dedicate resources, trust people, and create your requirement specification.

Kasper and BabyDan's ambition for digitalization is for data to originate from one source and flow through the entire value chain across various business systems, add-on solutions, and business intelligence.

The Futurelink team appreciates the positive feedback and looks forward to future collaboration.

Brandfix A/S is a Danish beauty company that specializes in developing brands and products for the European market. The company, which currently has 25 employees, is owned in part by Danish Equity Capital and operates from its headquarters in Viby, Jutland.

"Ease of accounting and more intuitive than SAP B1."

That's how CFO Lars Ole Kamp from Brandfix describes what other SAP B1 customers can benefit from by using Batchflow from FutureLink Solution.

Lars also praises the approval workflow with an overview of who has purchased what, approval of invoices, and amount limits, which has saved a lot of time compared to when everything was done via email. He also appreciates the feeling of having peace of mind as a financial manager. With the setup of approval processes and amount limits, it's the board's responsibility to define what, for example, the director can approve.

"Undoubtedly one of the best IT vendors we have come across!" This is how CFO Lars Ole Kamp from Brandfix elaborates on the collaboration with FutureLink Solutions. As an add-on to SAP BusinessOne, Brandfix has implemented Batchflow. Lars particularly praises the integration as one of the best aspects. This is because the developers at FutureLink understand the ERP system SAP BusinessOne.

The Futurelink team appreciates the positive feedback and looks forward to future collaboration.

BE Installationer A/S, with a staff of 120-130, is a modern craft company specializing in electrical and plumbing contractor services. We carry out contracts within new construction as well as service agreements and ongoing maintenance tasks. Our headquarters are located in Viborg with satellite offices in Sunds, Sørvad, and Skals.

A necessary evil turned into increased digitization and daily efficiency!

A clear system that is easy to work with!" shares Brian Bryrup, CEO of BE Installation A/S. Back in 2019, when Business Central was implemented along with the Minuba order system, it became clear to Brian that there was a lack of functionality for handling invoices and approving the many purchases from electrical and plumbing suppliers. Continuous purchases are made against project numbers, which need to be allocated to different projects and tasks.

Batchflow is experienced by employees and management as an intuitive and easy system to use. For the daily email with invoices for approval provides an efficient boost, even when there are new employees.

Likewise, Brian experienced that FutureLink's employees were good at meeting requests for automation from the outset, with order numbers and approval flows. The approval flow also happens automatically based on amount limits if the number of item units on the order matches, and extra approval for larger amounts from the director also gives peace of mind to the auditor.

The support is praised for being responsive and easy to access if there is an occasional breakdown or question.

Brian shares this good advice with other customers:
"Have a conversation with another customer with the same setup of 3 systems - like here Minuba, Business Central, and Batchflow - to focus on what data is being exchanged."

The electrical and plumbing industry is known for its large number of purchase orders and high level of digitization with fixed item numbers and processes for purchases and goods deliveries.

The Futurelink team appreciates the positive feedback and looks forward to future collaboration.