Digitization of financial processes

– AP Automation & Procurement part of supply chain

We help SME companies to optimize financial processes from receipt of invoice to payment

We do this through our SAAS-based BatchFlow solution for electronic invoice and document management. The solution is built around a flexible, efficient and proven structure based on the following 5 steps:

  1. Receipt of invoice
  2. Approval
  3. Payment
  4. Accounting
  5. Business Intelligence
With BatchFlow, you are guaranteed fast implementation and automatic backup of your digitization solution, while avoiding investment in hardware and the hassle of maintaining servers.

We have competent and experienced employees on the phone or online via Microsoft Teams for a quick chat and advice before you get started with your upcoming solution.

You are welcome to book a non-binding meeting by calling us on +45 70 22 98 00 or clicking on the "Book a meeting" button below.

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What do customers say?

Purchase orders and match invoices with Batchflow

Efficient handling of supplier invoices with Batchflow.

If you ask yourself the question: How can I optimize our purchases with the ERP system when I receive invoices from the suppliers?

With the rest API in Batchflow and the ERP system, we retrieve and match data and there are a number of different methods and configurations. Depends on your current routines and expectations for new processes.

We are happy to give you our advice on the most used and effective method. We have the experience.

Expense management, travel vouchers and driving, in Batchflow

A crumpled receipt costs 10 minutes of work... How?

Yes, if a working employee does not have a mobile app. to "capture" the voucher from the local supermarket, when something has been bought for the lunch scheme, it can quickly take time to get. Something as banal as a voucher posted.

If it was an outlay, the amount must either be transferred via a bank transfer or added to the next salary transfer via the salary system. There are many options.

Batchflow processes, pay invoices and transfer to ERP

Thank you, Madrid ! We are overwhelmed by the incredible community and the event SAP Partner Summit 2024.

“Get ready to set sail” was the headline for the week. A motto we shared as a team exploring sessions, sponsors, and partners.

We met a lot of interest from partners who are already “sailing” and were looking for supplements and add-ons to expand their current customer footprint.

What partnerships or innovations are you most excited about in your digital journey or improving daily efficiency ?